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Locally Owned and Operated, Friendly and Knowledgeable.

Full Services Repair  Shop – All Makes and Models

Open 7:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday.

We are centrally located in Denver on the corner of 4th & Downing and strive to provide you with the highest standard in automotive care. Downing Street Garage is unique to the industry for its sustainable business practices.

We offer early morning or late night drop off. At Downing Street Garage all of our staff is ASE certified.
Our advanced diagnostic technology and knowledgeable technicians can handle all of your mechanical, maintenance and repair needs. 

To schedule an appointment call (303) 777-0142 

If you are experiencing pulsating, vibrations, or noise when you hit the brakes, you need to give them some attention. Let us have a look!

A coolant system flush or radiator flush is an important service for maintaining your vehicle and extending its life!

Is your check engine light on? We provide computer diagnostics for all vehicle makes and models.

Keeping up with a proper maintenance routine and addressing issues such as slipping or hard shifts are the best way to avoid major transmission repair issues.

Downing Street Garage’s knowledgeable staff can explain the different types of tires and help you select the proper one for your driving needs.

We offer tire alignment and wheel balancing on all makes and models to relieve wear on your tires. Tire or wheel alignment includes adjusting the vehicle’s suspension so your car will ride smoothly.

Why Downing Street Garage?

  • We are committed to doing our part for the environment and have developed a number of sustainable practices.
  • We have devoted significant time to our Environmental Management System (EMS) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy.
  • All of our staff is ASE certified, which means our mechanics have passed all certification tests available, and also have at least two years of hands-on work experience.
  • We commit to a high standard of business, demonstrated in both our ethics policy and core values. 
  • Our mission is to be the standard by which our competitors measure excellence.

Our Satisfied Customers


My passenger side seatbelt was hopelessly stuck. I was passing by and thought I would stop to see if they would be able to release it. Despite obviously being very busy, David from the front desk grabbed a wrench and fixed the issue withing 5 minutes. This place has an honest helpful vibe; it feels like the kind of auto shop you can trust.

Susan H

Excellent and fast service! Impressed with their professionalism and knowledge. My issues were resolved for less than expected, and when I went to pick up my vehicle, I heard one of the mechanics on the phone telling that person their job would be done under budget. If they have to do any sort of noise identification, there may be a diagnostic fee, which can be tough to swallow. Especially in a society where we're used to free estimates. But this is a small business and they honestly don't have the time or the manpower to be providing a free service to people who come in complaining about a "noise". Think of it this way: if they charge you $60 for diagnostics, and then save you $100, you're still netting $40. Will def be back!

Thomas C

Awesome, quick service. Made changing an impromptu flat into a working tire so much quicker and easier than I thought. Will definitely return here for my car needs.

Hannah P

We had a squirrel chew up the engine wiring in my Dodge Dakota. Dave at Downing St. Garage got us in immediately once the tow was set up. They assessed the damage and discovered a nest of 3 little squirrels still in the engine compartment. They rescued and relocated the little guys on their lunch hour! Once the insurance estimator had been there, they repaired the vehicle in record time. Dave and the guys were great about keeping me updated. He was also kind to my daughter when she came to get the truck. He was not condescending and didn't talk down to her, but explained things carefully and completely. Thanks to Dave and crew. I recommend them most highly.

-Ron J

Great honest garage. They were upfront about all pricing and super helpful.

Alex L