Coolant System Flush

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Coolant System Flush

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Your vehicle will last longer and cost you less when you regularly flush the radiator and refresh it with new coolant.

In cold climates like ours in Colorado, your vehicle’s cooling system is doing far more than keeping your engine from getting too hot. It also helps keep the engine from freezing during the winter — preventing costly damage.

Regular cooling system maintenance will:

  • Maximize radiator efficiency for cooling your engine in hot weather
  • Assure that your engine’s antifreeze is adequate to prevent freezing in winter
  • Ensure the entire system is free of blockages or leaks
  • Keep antifreeze from becoming acidic and causing clumps and restrictions in the system
  • Protect your vehicle’s water pump and extend its life through lubricating additives in properly functioning antifreeze
  • Protect against the build-up of rust and scale deposits by maintaining the integrity of antifreeze

Most manufacturers recommend coolant system maintenance every 30,000 miles. Just before seasonal changes in weather is a good time to schedule your appointment at Downing Street Garage.

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