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Auto Diagnostics

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In the computer age, your check engine light can mean a lot of things. Our advanced diagnostic technology will pinpoint the problem in no time!

At Downing Street Garage we have dealership-level diagnostic equipment and provide better-than-dealership service.

There are three main levels of vehicle diagnostics. They include:

On-Board Vehicle Diagnostics (OBD)

This method involves a partnership between advanced diagnostic scanners and skilled technicians. It begins with a dashboard warning light or other obvious vehicle malfunction. The diagnostic tools deliver a specialized code to the technician who then narrows the search from there to pinpoint the precise cause of trouble.

Noise Diagnostics

From brake squeaks to loose suspension to other engine problems that cause a distinctive noise these issues require experienced Downing Street Garage experts to follow the sounds to find the problem.

​Drivability Diagnostics

The most difficult method usually involves more extensive testing and equipment to monitor subtle changes in the vehicle’s computer communications.

Depending on the problem, these diagnostic methods often overlap and our skilled experts know how they best work together to get you back on the road.

Electrical Diagnostics

From lightbulbs to computers, we have the know how and technology to address any and all electric issue on today’s modern vehicle.

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